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Addiction to John Lennon

During one of our conversations, the mention about Imagine, a song by John Lennon, came up.  My friend said, "his thoughts are so like yours, that its scary."  I immediately downloaded the song, and for the first time, couldn't stop listening to a piece of music.  Even in sleep, the song kept on playing over and over in my head.  It was as if my words, my feelings were there in his music.  My words had been stolen from my mouth, and finally expressed.  I wanted to know more about this person, who shared the same ideas as me.  I went online and searched for John Lennon.  The search, of course, resulted in hundreds of results, but I clicked on a particular site which simply gave the bottom line on John Lennon : the holy truth.  This is the site where I found out that John Lennon is actually dead now.  I am not sure if this upset me or not, but it did make a difference to me.  

For days, I sat and wondered if it was fair that he was dead.  He had just started his life over, and an insane fan took his life.   He wanted peace in this world, that's all.  He wanted no hunger, no greed, no money...just like I do, and just like I always will.   I have always wondered why we have such a thing called "money."  Scientists give us the excuse that due to financial reasons, we are not able to find out the answers to life that are really crucial to us.  Its because of money, thousands of people die everyday.  Its because of money, poverty and hunger exist.  Why not all of us just live in peace?  All work for themselves.  All live a stress-free life.  All live happy and let others live happily.  All work together.  But I guess its not made to be like this, I guess there has to be war and greed.  I know what I want is impossible, but its not wrong, is it?  If one day, we all want this...won't it be possible to get it?  Why is it that when hundreds want it, it requires only one to destroy the want?  

John Lennon isn't the best icon in history, he was a troubled man, who did drugs and alcohol.  As a child, he was a trouble maker and believed in nothing but cutting school.  I think I read somewhere that he also dropped out of college to pursue his career in music.  Despite all this, I think he was the best of a person, someone could ever be.  It is difficult to explain why so, as it is something that can be understood, but not explained.  He lived a great life, and if I were to given an option to live his life, I wouldn't change a thing.  Not because his life had great rewards, but because it was not an easy one to live.  "Living is not an easy thing, all who live, are brave."

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