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My Introduction to John Lennon & The Beatles

John Lennon was surely amongst the best musicians, if not the greatest of all.  You have read about him all over the internet, you probably know him better than his mother ever did.   Before finding this site, I am sure you had at least heard of him.  You probably went through his Discography, Biography, Interviews, and what not.  You won't find any new information about John Lennon from this website, because at this moment, I don't know much about him, and I don't plan to find out more about Mr. Lennon either. I think what I know is enough.  He was a complicated person, and knowing even a "part of a part" of his life, can allow someone to create a novel.

I was introduced to Mr. Lennon by a friend of mine, who was a great fan of The Beatles and admired Mr. Lennon.  In fact, for a birthday present, my friend asked for a poster of Mr. Lennon.  I refused, because I didn't like the poster....and I don't believe in posters.  When I was introduced to Mr. Lennon, my reaction was "a boring guy, who plays music."  I am perhaps the least aware person you will ever find; I didn't know who Lennon was, and when introduced to him, didn't know that he was a dead guy.  I didn't even know that The Beatles ever broke up.  I am not into music that much, what can I say?  I can't differentiate between Jessica Simpson, Ms. Spears and the other artists that are out there right now, you expect me to know something that happened back in the 60's?  I am a listener, I don't care who sings the music or what they really sing.   If I can interpret the music, then only do I become the fan of that particular group/artist.  I believe that music is a way to express your opinions on certain issues such as life; not to just blab on about something that the other is not suppose to understand. (what's up with listening to Ricky Martin; how do you know what he is singing??)  Music is a way to show others your opinions; music is the only honest thing out there because it comes from the heart.

I downloaded some of the songs by The Beatles from Napster, after my friend described them as being the "best musicians ever."  I wanted to listen to them and find out what was in them that my friend couldn't stop talking about them.  Unfortunately for my friend, I hated every song that I downloaded.  I just couldn't bear listening to them; they bored me and made me fall asleep.  I couldn't listen to any of the songs for more than 15 seconds; it was not a possibility.  My friend just couldn't believe it, and tried to make me like them.  Didn't really work, I didn't give any of the music a rating higher than "OK."  And if any music did get a OK, it was a pure lie, just to make my friend feel better and say that his efforts are not going down the drain.  

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